Henan Xinlianxin Deep-Cooling Energy Co., Ltd. solid waste information publicity

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According to "Article 55 of the Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China", "key emission units shall truthfully disclose to the society the name of their main pollutants, emission methods, emission concentration and total amount, excessive emission, as well as the construction and operation of pollution prevention and control facilities, and accept social supervision." The information on solid waste generation, storage, and disposal of Henan Xinlianxin Deep Cold Energy Co. for the year 2022 is hereby publicized. If there are any objections, please send your comments back to Henan Heartlink Deep Cold Energy Co. Tel: 0373-5710777; Email: hnxlxslny@xlxslny.com

Annex: Inventory of solid waste information 

1 general solid waste storage site, 15 square meters

1 hazardous waste storage site, 20 square meters

Name of solid waste

General Solid Waste/Hazardous Waste and Codes

Annual generation (tons)

final destination

Waste mineral oil

Hazardous waste: 900-249-08


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