LNG Industry Hotspots in January 2015

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Hot 1: 229 LNG buses put into use in Guangzhou City Hot 2: 140 natural gas buses on the road in Suqian, Jiangsu Province Hot 3: 70 Natural Gas Tractors of Heavy Duty Trucks Entered Qingdao Port

Hot 1: 229 LNG buses put into use in Guangzhou City

All 229 LNG buses purchased last year by three passenger transportation companies, including Guangzhou Yueyun Transportation Company Limited, Guangzhou No. 2 Bus Company Zengcheng Branch, and Guangzhou Transportation Company Limited Zengcheng Branch, were put into operation in December 2014 on the road. Compared with traditional diesel vehicles, LNG buses are more environmentally friendly with LNG as the engine fuel and near-zero exhaust emissions. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, LNG buses emit 97% less carbon monoxide, 72% less hydrocarbons, 80% less nitrogen oxides, 24% less carbon dioxide, 90% less sulfur dioxide, 40% less vehicle noise, and 100% less benzene, lead and dust. The next step, Zengcheng will continue to point to lead, step by step implementation, increase the promotion of LNG new energy vehicles, strive to the end of 2016, the city's operation of diesel buses all converted to LNG buses.

Hot 2: Jiangsu Suqian 140 natural gas bus on the road

December 25, Suqian City District opened up five new bus lines, optimization and adjustment of seven bus lines, while 140 new natural gas environmentally friendly buses were officially online operations, the new lines were 317 Road, 318 Road, 807 Road, 808 Road, 809 Road, the entire line through the Qinghai Lake Road, Xiangwang Road, Happiness Road, passing through schools, hospitals and development zones, such as enterprises and other traffic distribution; optimization and adjustment of lines Respectively, 105 Road, 108 Road, 1 Road, 2 Road, 109 Road, 313 Road, 202 Road, increased the First People's Hospital, the new Maling Middle School and the direction of the Hubin New Area to cover the line, 1 Road, 2 Road, urban and rural passenger routes transformed into urban bus routes, reduce fares, the implementation of the two-yuan one-ticket system, 109 Road to extend the evening running time to 21:00. 140 buses in the newly placed 38 Of the 140 new buses, 38 are 9.5-meter LNG clean energy buses and 102 are 10.5-meter gas-electric hybrid new energy buses, equipped with heating and cooling air-conditioning, GPS monitoring, voice announcement, automatic coin boxes and other facilities and equipment.

Hot 3: 70 Natural Gas Tractors of Heavy Duty Trucks Stationed in Qingdao Port

Qingdao Dongjiakou Port is a large-scale bulk cargo terminal newly built by Qingdao Port Group in Jiaonan County, which is mainly responsible for loading and unloading transportation of coal, iron ore powder, crude oil, etc. The dumping, stacking, and outbound transportation in the port mainly rely on cars to undertake the transportation tasks, and the vehicle ownership is large. 70 Heavy Duty Trucks (HEW) HOKA-H7 natural gas LNG tractor trucks were stationed at Qingdao Dongjiakou Port at the beginning of January 2015, which is the first time that Heavy Duty Trucks (HDT) have been stationed in Qingdao.