LNG Industry Hotspots for February 2015

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Hot 1: Lianyungang city to build three pure lng-powered ship Hot 2: Nanning to put LNG buses into service during Spring Festival

Hot 1: Lianyungang city to build three pure lng-powered ship

It is reported that the first batch of three pure lng power demonstration ship invested by Lianyungang Haitong Shipping Co., Ltd. to complete the design drawings of the validation work, and through the Ministry of Transportation Academy of Water Transportation project technology assessment and recognition, which marks the first batch of pure "green" power demonstration ship in Jiangsu Province, construction is about to begin.

It is understood that, in order to promote the structural adjustment of inland waterway capacity and energy saving and emission reduction in water transport, from the state to the local standardization of inland waterway vessels and energy saving and emission reduction are attached great importance to, and has introduced a series of promotional policies. According to the relevant provisions of the state, combined with the actual situation and development trend of river transport in Lianyungang City, through in-depth research of shipyards and qualified inland waterway shipping enterprises, publicize the relevant policies and subsidies, and from environmental protection, economy, gas source security and other aspects of a comprehensive comparative analysis, and finally Lianyungang Haitong Shipping Co.

Hot 2: Nanning Spring Festival will be put into operation during the LNG buses

During the Spring Festival, Nanning public transportation will successively put 150 environmentally friendly new cars to participate in the operation, of which 70 will be put into service East Railway Station bus barge. This is the first batch of new buses put into use in 2015, and 107 of them have already arrived in Nanning. The new buses are divided into two models: hybrid and LNG buses, both of which are air-conditioned.