LNG Industry Hotspots for April 2015

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Hot 1: Hubei Shiyan to add 100 LNG air-conditioned buses Hot 2: China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation (Sinotruck) to set up 25 units of Haohan LNG tractors in Tongchuan market Hot 3: The first LNG ship in Shandong Province inland waterway successfully sails in Zaozhuang

Hot 1: Hubei Shiyan to add 100 LNG air-conditioned buses

April 21 from Hubei Shiyan City Bus Group was informed that Shiyan in 2015 will purchase 100 new LNG air-conditioned buses.

According to reports, since 2012, the city bus group has invested a total of more than 200 million yuan, a total of more than 400 LNG air-conditioned buses, accounting for 38% of the urban buses.

According to estimates, the bus replacement for LNG air-conditioned buses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 5500 tons per year, energy saving and emission reduction effect is obvious. 2015, the city bus group will invest 50 million yuan to update the purchase of 100 sets of LNG air-conditioned buses.

Hot 2: China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation (Sinotruck) has 25 units of Haohan LNG tractor trucks in Tongchuan Market

April 21: Recently, Xi'an branch of China National Heavy Duty Truck (CNHTC) Sales Department and Xi'an Ruitong Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. successfully held a delivery ceremony of 25 units of LNG tractor trucks in Tongchuan, and at the same time provided driving training to the users.

This unit is a loyal user of China National Heavy Duty Truck (CNHTC) and purchased T5G and Houhan products in bulk in the early stage, and is very satisfied with the safety, reliability and economy of the products. The person in charge of the company believes that the advantages of SINOTRUK's Haohan products are obvious, and the company decided to purchase 25 units of Haohan LNG tractors again.

Hot 3: The First LNG Ship in Shandong Province's Inland Waterway Successfully Tested in Zaozhuang

April 21: Recently, the first LNG ship in Shandong Province inland waterway, "Lu Zaozhuang Cargo 2662", was successfully commissioned in Zaozhuang, realizing the breakthrough of clean energy ship in Shandong Province's inland waterway transportation.

"The ship is the first batch of ships in line with the new specifications of 2013, its promotion and application, can reduce the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal and the South-North Water Diversion along the air and water pollution, improve the air quality and water quality along the coast." Zaozhuang City Port and Maritime Administration staff involved in the trial voyage said.

It is understood that the ship for the hybrid dual-fuel power, by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Seventh Institute is responsible for the design of the gas center control system and installation and commissioning. Marine diesel - LNG hybrid power to the existing diesel power to diesel and natural gas hybrid power, fuel replacement rate of up to 70%. After the test voyage, diesel - natural gas hybrid working mode can meet the ship's power needs, carbon, sulfur, soot and other emissions are greatly reduced, the use of the cost of current fuel prices can be reduced by 20%, compared with the traditional diesel-powered ships, with significant economic and environmental protection.

It is reported that the Ministry of Transport issued the "inland waterway ship type standardization subsidy fund management approach" to the new LNG fuel-powered ships for financial subsidies, but also to stimulate the construction of LNG ship enthusiasm. Yan Guiming, the captain of the ship, said: "This ship is running up green smoke, certainly environmentally friendly, the country now has the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, we also want to send clean water to the north. Not only that, we have subsidies for this ship, which brings us a lot of benefits."