LNG industry hotspots for May 2015

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Hot 1: Dandong City will gradually popularize LNG new energy buses Hot 2: Shayang's 500th Shaanqi LNG truck delivery Hot 3: Huanggang first cross-county bus line opened

Hot 1:Dandong City will gradually popularize LNG new energy buses

May 7 report: 2015 Dandong Tongcheng Bus Co., Ltd. on-line 8 new LNG gas vehicles. The 8 new vehicles on line, not only to meet the city's low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction needs, but also to improve the quality of passenger travel from Dandong to Donggang, but also to the enterprise in the future successive replacement of new energy vehicles laid the foundation.

Hot 2: Shayang 500th Shaanqi LNG heavy truck delivery

May 7: The Wuhan office of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Sales Company, together with Jingmen Haisan Automobile Repair and Distribution Co., Ltd, held a batch delivery ceremony of Shaanqi heavy-duty trucks in Shayang County, Jingmen City, and the products delivered to the users were all Dillon new M3000 lightweight version of the 8×4 LNG dump trucks, which made the number of LNG heavy-duty trucks delivered to the users in the Shayang area of Shaanqi reach 500 sets.

Hot 3: Huanggang's first cross-county bus line opened

May 21: Huanggang's first cross-county and city bus line - Huangzhou to Tuanfeng bus line officially opened for business. The newly opened Huangzhou to Tuanfeng bus line to take the "corporatization, bus operation" mode, operated by the Huanggang City East Bus Co. According to the operation plan, this line put a total of 21 sets of LNG bus vehicles, along the line set up 31 passengers up and down the station.