LNG Industry Hotspots for June 2015

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Hot 1: 60 LNG tractor-trailers delivered to customers in Golmud Hot 2: India's Cochin Shipyard to Receive LNG Vessel Order Hot 3: Chongqing's First LNG Dirt Haulers Put into Operation Hot 4: Chongqing's first LNG-powered ship completed for use

Hot 1:60 LNG tractors delivered to users in Golmud City

Reported on June 4: Shaanqi's green heavy-duty trucks settled on the plateau, Golmud City, known as the Pearl of the Plateau, ushered in a grand delivery ceremony, with 60 Shaanqi Delong new M30006×2LNG tractor trucks and 20 Delong F3000 dump trucks settling on the Tibetan Plateau, which is at an average elevation of 3,000 meters above sea level.

The 60 M30006×2LNG tractors delivered this time are a perfect combination of the key technology of "Golden Partner" in the heavy truck industry and the mature and reliable natural gas heavy truck manufacturing experience of Shaanqi, realizing the characteristics of strong power, durability, economic and environmental protection, and high reliability of the attendance rate.

Hot 2:India's Cochin Shipyard to Receive LNG Vessel Order

June 11: India's Cochin Shipyard (CSL) is about to get LNG vessels and dredger projects, which are worth a total of Rs 2,000 crore. Among the projects, GAIL has eased conditions to tender for the construction of three LNG vessels in July. In addition, Cochin Shipyard and Dutch shipbuilder RoyalIHC have entered into a technology transfer agreement for dredgers, with a contract value of Rs 500 crore for dredger orders alone.

In order to secure the Rs 1,500 crore LNG vessel and Rs 500 crore dredger construction projects, Cochin Shipyard is expected to spend Rs 1,200 crore to build a new dry dock. But it is still in the early stages of bidding and Cochin Shipyard is yet to enter into technology sharing agreements with any shipyard.

Hot 3: Chongqing Municipality's first batch of LNG dump trucks put into operation

June 17 report: this month, Chongqing Municipality, the first batch of four LNG slag transport vehicles into operation, it is understood that, compared with diesel slag trucks, LNG vehicle exhaust emissions can be reduced by 85%, according to each slag trucks travel 200 kilometers a day, each year, can reduce the emission of 40 tons of toxic gases, reduce the consumption of 30,000 liters of diesel fuel, saving fuel expenditure of nearly 100,000 yuan. At present, there are about 10,000 slag trucks in various construction sites in the city. If all of them use LNG as fuel, carbon emission can be reduced by 400,000 tons and fuel can be saved by 300,000,000 liters per year. According to the plan, in the next five years, the number of LNG vehicles used in various fields in the city will reach 25,000, the number of LNG ships will reach 200, and 80 LNG filling stations and 8 filling terminals will be built.

Hot 4: Chongqing's first LNG-powered ship completed and used

June 25: Recently, Chongqing's first LNG new energy-powered ship has been completed construction, and will conduct a test voyage in the near future. This type of LNG new energy-powered ship designed by Fei Da Ship Company, Zhongjiang Shipyard is specifically responsible for the construction. The ship is fueled by liquefied natural gas and no longer uses diesel fuel, which is highly polluting and emits high emissions, reducing fuel costs by 30% and reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO) by 39% and 90%, respectively. In addition, by equipping the core power equipment and supporting facilities with high environmental performance, the environmental protection of the ship will be greatly improved.