LNG Industry Hotspots for August 2015

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Hot 1: Longkou introduces more than 120 updated LNG buses Hot 2: Dalian to buy 60 LNG buses in a year Hot 3: Honghua Marine receives order for 200 pure LNG-powered vessels Hot 4: Dynagas acquires ownership of 5 ice-class LNG carriers

Hot 1:Lungkou introduces renewal of more than 120 LNG buses

The public transportation department of Longkou City, Yantai, Shandong Province, has successively renewed more than 120 LNG buses. Some mountainous routes will also be replaced by these new LNG buses. As these buses are put into operation one by one, they will not only better meet people's travel needs, but also contribute to the improvement of environmental quality in Longkou.

Hot 2: Dalian will purchase 60 LNG buses within the year

Liu Desheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dalian Public Transportation Group, announced that Dalian Public Transportation Group will purchase 60 LNG clean energy buses within this year. With the operation of these LNG buses, the proportion of clean energy buses running in Dalian will be further increased, and Dalian's urban air quality will be further improved.

Hot 3:Honghua Marine Receives Order for 200 Pure LNG-Powered Vessels

Honghua Ocean, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Honghua Group, has recently received an order for 200 pure LNG-powered vessels, respectively 100 of 750 tons, 50 of 950 tons and 50 of 1,350 tons. This batch of orders mainly meets the demand of Shanghai's inland waterway transportation and undertakes the waterway transportation of a variety of materials in Shanghai.

Hot 4:Dynagas Obtains Ownership of 5 Ice Class LNG Vessels

Greek shipowner Dynagas has recently concluded a US$1.5 billion LNG vessel deal in which the company has become the owner of five newbuild ice-class LNG vessels to be used in the Yamal LNG project in the Russian Arctic, and will take ownership of the five vessels.

The company will take ownership of the five 172,400 cbm Arc7 ice-class LNG vessels, which will move to transport 16.5 million tons of LNG cargoes per year from Yamal, at the London conference. The specialized ice-class LNG vessels are the 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th and 10th LNG vessels of the 15 ordered for the Yamal project, and the deal makes it Dynagas' largest and most complex vessel transaction in recent times.

Dynagas previously took delivery of three LNG carriers on order in 2007-2008. The company currently owns a total of 10 LNG carriers, five of which are operated by Dynagas LNG Partners, a Dynagas limited partnership. In addition, Dynagas has qualified to operate specialized ice-class LNG vessels and has become the first shipowner to operate in the Arctic Sea Route (NSR).