company culture

Corporate Mission

For a better tomorrow

"For a better tomorrow" is the social value of Heartland's existence. A better tomorrow is a concept, a belief, and a specific goal for the people of Xinlianxin to pursue every day. We strive for a better tomorrow for our employees, customers, suppliers and partners, shareholders and society.

company culture

Enterprise Vision

Committed to becoming a specialized gas company

Respected is based on Xinlianxin's honesty and trustworthiness, based on Xinlianxin's business ethics, based on Xinlianxin's respect for the development of the industry, based on Xinlianxin's development, planning and efficiency, based on Xinlianxin's products, brands and services, based on Xinlianxin's mission, commitment and dedication, and the affirmation, praise and respect of employees, customers, suppliers and partners, shareholders and society, and is Xinlianxin's social and Historical Monument

The company has always been adhering to and upholding its own spirit and core values, with excellent products and services, for the benefit and value created by all relevant parties in the community, so as to open up a new realm of our business, the development of a new pattern, to win the respect of the community.

company culture

Enterprise Spirit

Faithfulness, good learning, dedication; innovation and strength, tolerance and goodwill.

"Faithful and studious, dedicated", Xinlianxin people are firm in faith, loyal to their own industry, business, career and position, serious and rigorous; Xinlianxin people are diligent and studious, able to continue to improve their own qualities and abilities, not only to better serve their own work, but also able to manage their own business and work.

"Innovation and Strength", Xinlianxin people are ambitious and strong-willed, always adhering to the spirit of innovation and scientific and serious exploration of the spirit of transcendence, in order to fight against the shopping mall and invincible.

"Tolerance and good", Xinlianxin people adhere to and carry forward the spirit of openness, tolerance, care and mutual assistance, each other to give and take responsibility for a good team, good for everyone.

company culture

Core Values

Integrity, Virtue; Focus, Excellence

Integrity is the root of Heartland's behavior, conduct and business, and it is the fundamental quality of Heartland's adherence to the centuries without giving up or wavering. Virtue is the highest ethical realm that Heartland people honor, requiring us to be able to tolerate different opinions, advocating their own interests in exchange for the interests of others, and adhering to the public interest above all, the interests of the majority of the people above all the values.

Concentration is the great power of Heart to Heart to achieve their own achievements and careers, we focus on the present, focus on action, focus on responsibility, focus on the future. Excellence is the standard of Heartland's work and the eternal goal of Heartland's business.

Integrity is the root, virtue is the basis; focus is the force, excellence is the standard.